Ensuring the safety of the employees


Employees are the key asset of any organization. They are the most hard-working people who bring profit to the company and earn a salary for their own to meet the expenses and manage a family. Any firm has to provide the basic necessities to the employees so that they feel safe and secure. This is done by the Department of Human Resources. They come up with plans that will benefit the employees and make them stay at the company for a long time and also attract other talents from different places. Apart from the various benefits, allowances, and other compensation that is provided, Insurance is the most popular and recommended one. Organizations, irrespective of their nature, must give out the https://expatinsurance.com.sg/work-injury-compensation/ to the employees so that they feel safe. It is something that gives security to the employees over any mild or serious injury while at work. It is very common but the consequences of not providing any cover might be serious. Thus, it is always mandatory to provide a plan to give protection. Also with the medical cost expenses in Singapore, it becomes difficult for some employees to manage. In that case, the firms can always come as a support system for the needed people working in their organization.

work injury compensation insurance

What is it about?

In Singapore, the work injury compensation insurance plan is taken seriously. Also, in the country, all the employers should mandatorily provide this kind of process. It can be given for the following reasons;

  • If the employees are required to do manual work.
  • When the firm has employees who do non-manual work and earn less than 1600 a month.
  • It also allows the workers to make the insurance claims for work-related injuries or suffered illness without the need to file any civil suit.
  • This plan is an alternative low-cost method that can be taken up by the employees.
  • Any employee who has suffered a work-related injury can claim for compensation only through either common law or WICA (Work Injury Compensation Act).
  • The firm must provide this facility for both local and foreign employees. Failing which they can expect serious offense.

What it covers?

An employee covered under the Work Injury Compensation Act can claim for the below mentioned;

  • Medical leave wages for sick leave days because of the injury or illness.
  • Medical bills, hospital expenses, medication, and other costs incurred due to the injury.
  • Lump-sum payment for permanent disability or death.

All these are extremely important for the employees’ side. They must be given the full protection for working hard and doing the manual work. It is indeed the responsibility of the firm to provide protection and security to its employees in case of emergencies.