How many kinds of insurance policies are there?


The word insurance rises from safety from economic loss. It is a type of risk management and fundamentally used to protect the threat from any accident or unexpected loss. It works as a protecting shield for the customer and keeps them safe from any sudden situations or any undefined loses. If somebody thinks to take an insurance policy, they have to pay some premium to the insurance company. The premium is the value deposited by the policyholder to the insurance company that covers the coverage set of an insurance policy. Today the insurance policyholder gets the facility to buy the insurance through the internet. They can also submit their premium through the internet which is helpful for the policyholder. The online insurance Hong Kong offers its clients the best facility. They guaranteed savings insurance plan for the people. Several websites are there that offers different insurance policies to the people and they can choose according to their need. There are so many varieties of insurance policies exist for the people.

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Some of these are:

  1. Health insurance: The health insurance policy is available for people to avoid large expenses related to their health. This policy covers all the medical expenses related to the cure of illness by the doctor or hospital. This insurance policy covers all the expenses related to the hospital and all kinds of medication however it is a normal flu or another disease.
  2. Car insurance: This insurance policy is a must to buy is almost every country. This policy covers all the damages related to your vehicle, personal injuries, and also third party damages. It also covers damages to the third party.
  3. Mobile insurance: There are so many different mobile phones came to the market that are so expensive. In that case, people generally buy mobile insurance for their phone that covers screen damages, water damaging, and any display damage. Mobile insurance is available for all types of mobile phones.
  4. Life Insurance: The bestselling insurance among people is life insurance. All the people need them and their loved ones to be safe with them or after them. This kind of policy covers the entire life of the policyholder. It is the way of securing you and your family in uncertain situations whenever you become unable due to any reason.
  5. Home insurance: The home insurance keeps safe your house from any harm from accidents and theft. This insurance includes all the things of your house whether it is an item of furniture, electronic items, or else.
  6. Jewellery insurance: This policy covers all the damages from the jewellery you have. Sometimes your jewellery got theft then it covers your loss in that case also.