Importance of Maid Insurance


A maid is a domestic worker commonly working among rich and well-off families. Traditional housemaids live together with the families they’re working in and are relied on to do household chores such as cleaning appliances, doing laundry, caring for the pets, cooking meals, grocery shopping, and ironing clothes. Some may even have to take care of the children, although there are also occupations specific for this such as babysitter or nanny.

Although maids are downgraded throughout history because of the hierarchy in society, it is undeniable that these workers make the lives of the families easier and more convenient. And in return, leading sectors cooperated with insurance companies, like HLAS, for these domestic workers to have the same care and security they provide. Specifically, the system for Maid Insurance was created to confer the needs of the people working within this field. And to know more about this, listed below are some of the reasons why having maid insurance is important.

Medical coverage

Domestic workers are vulnerable within their working vicinity because they got to do all the necessities needed, thus making them prone to accidents and illnesses. One of the main points of having maid insurances is to help cover the medical expenses of these people in case they happen to experience such unforeseen circumstances. The basic insurance policies cover at least $15,000 for the maid’s surgery, hospitalization, and other medical-related bills. Although this only pays in-patient and admitted clients, maid insurance still helped employers with the major expenses and they only have to take care of the worker’s medications for further healing.  Consequently, incidents happening outside work are administered by another service and employers are not obliged to help the workers to pay other fees. Thankfully, some financial institutions offer help with higher coverage for emergency expenses to help patients even when they are already considered as an outpatient.

Third-party liability

Accidents happen to everyone, even to those people who are considered to be careful of their work. For workers who happened to injure another person, including their employers or the person they are working on, accidentally during their time of work, maid insurances promise to cover these liabilities within any legal costs and the additional damages made to the workers. Also, this coverage only limits within the insured policies the financial institutions have agreed to offer which then varies according to their plans. This doesn’t just secure the liability of the domestic helpers but also the safety of their coworkers and those who are around them. In general, a family who has employed domestic workers is responsible and relied upon to take care of their needs with regards to whatever circumstance may it be. Hence, applying for insurances would help secure all the necessities and cover all the necessary expenses.

Security bond

A security bond is a pledge payment that usually ranges up to $5,000 to show the liability of the employer to his or her helper. This is compulsory for every family and is collected by the leading sectors to assure the wages, work permits, and insurance of the safety of the worker. However, once the period of employment of the domestic helper has come into an end, the amount for security bond will be returned to the employer as long as he or she has guaranteed that the worker was able to return home safely.

On the other hand, the purpose of maid insurances for this matter offers to cover the total amount required by the leading sectors as a security bond, since $5,000 is a huge amount for some people especially if it is needed to be paid in full. But, for those people who wanted to avail maid insurances, do take note that the coverage for this security bond differs from one financial company into another because they have their own administered policies. And as an example, some institutions only provide a certain percentage for the said requirement which results in the employer having to pay the remaining balance. However, applying for maid insurance is still considered to be a great help because at least the original amount would be compensated and additional insurance features are still being provided.


Maids are one of the most honorable workers in the field of the work-related industry because they choose to serve other people rather than to serve their own families. Although the daily expenses and the levy of these workers were provided by their employees, their small allowances and payments are still not enough to support their own families and even take care of their medical expenses. Thankfully, with the help of Maid Insurance offered by finance institutions like HLAS, these situations are well covered and the safety of the workers is secured.